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New Eyebrows

I'm getting used to my new eyebrows! YES! They are NEW! 


Two days ago I had the amazingly talented Amy Suggitt work her magic on my light sparse eyebrows. Funny thing is that I've had very dark hair all my life except the few months when I was a bald-headed baby. But I've never had dark or thick eyebrows. They were like my mom's, and she called them our "butterfly antennae". We learned to draw them on and hide the shame. 


I first had brows and liner done in 2015 and it was the best gift I ever gave myself. It is THE PERFECT gift for the exceptionally lazy woman. Add permeant lips and blush, and you would have to do nothing but bathe and change clothes to look fabulous. You can be gorgeous asleep or even dead. 


By 2022 my 2015 brow job had faded, and I made an appointment with Amy, knowing she's the most fanatically clean person I know, and I've seen her work. PRIMO! She stays booked up, so get in line. After about an hour on a comfy table wrapped in a warm blanket. I was handed a mirror and I exclaimed "WOW! I LOVE THEM!" 


I'm sure that is always the reaction, as Amy is a true artist. Her daughter appears to be following in her footsteps, I've seen her work too. Excellent!

Eyeliner Top and Bottom IMG_4796.jpg

Charli claims Excellence!

EXCELLENCE! That is the best word to describe Amy’s work. Her steady hand gives a natural and timeless look. You don’t want to go cheap or bargain with permanent makeup on YOUR FACE. I love that she is reasonably priced. She should be in a shop in Dallas (but please don’t leave)!!


Luscious Lips!

Amy has done both my hair & now my permanent makeup

I had my lips done & im so amazed at how good they look! I also wanted my top lip to appear thicker to match my bottom lip so she lined it outside the lip line & it’s spot on! It’s been a month & get to go back for my touch up this week! Eek!! Can’t wait!!! Amy knows her stuff & pays to educate herself!

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